Assess & Identify

Cyber & Information Security Assessment – Taking the first step to understanding your current risk related to people, processes, and technology allows your organization to identify risk. An assessment and with a structured approach to mitigating the risk will help ensure your organization is better protected.

Penetration Testing – Performing this technical and human assessment will allow us to act as the adversary and emulate their steps to provide the countermeasures you need to enhance your security posture.

Vulnerability Assessment – Performing this technical and human-led assessment within your infrastructure will provide the required understanding of current risk. Tools and techniques are utilized to assess all types of technology and environments.

Security Architecture & Network Assessment – Identifying security gaps in your infrastructure takes time and an audit process. At infoaxis, our security assessment identifies the gaps in your IT through a review of processes, controls, awareness, and practice—the tools in place and how they protect your critical assets.

Regulatory Compliance Gap Assessment – With so many compliance regulations that are required (for example, PCI, HIPAA, NY Shield, NYSDFS, and many more), engaging a knowledgeable partner with the understanding of industry frameworks and compliance requirements can be found here at Infoaxis.

Strengthen & Remediate

Cybersecurity Roadmap – Most Small Businesses do not have the resources to design or implement a cybersecurity program. infoaxis has developed a structured program that will provide a best practice approach to remediating and safeguarding your IT in today’s office or work at home environment.

Threat Intelligence – A deeper dive into the threats that your company and officers are facing as a potential target is a service that infoaxis provides today, with a trusted international partner with ties and operatives in the dark web.

3rd Party Vendor Risk – Understanding the security program of your trusted vendors is essential to meet compliance or governance requirements. When you entrust intellectual property or sensitive information to a vendor, you must ensure that their security safeguards are at a level that is commensurate with yours. Technology is an enabler to assess or identify those risks, and infoaxis has the solution and team for you.

Incident Response Planning – If and when a cybersecurity breach happens at your company, you must be able to respond to the incident quickly and ensure you can recover your business. Having a team to help assist in building and testing that capability will provide you that peace of mind.

Business Continuity Management – To ensure your business stays alive during a crisis, you need to ensure you have a fully developed continuity plan that accounts for the natural or human errors that may occur when you least expect. The key to a successful program is “Execution,” which ensures you can recover your business within anticipated recovery time objectives.

Identity and Access Management - Identity and Access Management (IAM) services enable organizations to define, develop, implement, and automate information access controls and privileges. IAM ensures only authorized individuals have access to the right data at the right time, for the right reasons.

Build & Transform

Managed NOC / SOC – Having a trusted partner like infoaxis to manage your IT function will provide peace of mind. Our team provides a watchful eye on your IT. The NOC/SOC provides patching of operating systems and other software, monitoring each device for issues, endpoint protection, antivirus updates, and constant security vigilance. If required, the team will remediate issues remotely or dispatch a technical representative to your facility allowing your team to stay productive and focused on your business.

Cyber and Information Governance - A governance program utilizing an established framework will allow you to achieve organizational objectives and position you for the future. A governance framework will improve security Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - policies, implement technical controls, support audits and assessments, and drive awareness. Infoaxis will provide you with the roadmap to ensure governance is top of mind and becomes part of your culture.

Virtual CISO – Having senior cybersecurity professionals can provide you just a part-time professional with full-time attention to help navigate this ever-changing business risk area. Infoaxis offers a flexible program where your organization can engage us by the week or month. The program provides you with the right person to assist in enhancing and maintaining your cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) model is a single certification that takes the best practices from other government and civilian standards.The practices are from credible organizations such as NIST, ISO, CERT, etc. and places them under a single metric that the DoD can then assign to the various projects it wishes to outsource using Controlled Unclassified Information. CMMC, divided into retroactive five maturity levels used to evaluate readiness for DOD projects. Infoaxis will assist in creating this new program for you and help ensure you are competitive for DOD projects.

NY Shield Act - The NY SHIELD ACT (NYSA) amends the current NY state data breach laws to expand both the definition of ‘private information’ as well as the notification requirements. The NYSA provides the guidelines for organizations that collect or manages the data of a NY State resident in the event of a breach. NYSA requires firms to implement an adequate ‘data security program’ to safeguard this information. Infoaxis can assist with developing or enhancing your program to ensure security and compliance.