June is Internet Safety Month, and the National Cyber Security Alliance has teamed up with ConnectSafely

June is Internet Safety Month, and the National Cyber Security Alliance has teamed up with ConnectSafely (a non-profit organization that educates users about safety, privacy, and security when using online technology) in order to help educate users of all ages about simple steps and preventative measures they can take in order to fully enjoy the benefits of internet browsing this summer.

5 Ways To Help Jump Start The Ways In Which Company Data Can Be Managed

Managing data in today’s workplace can be overwhelming at times, as it’s produced at an aggressive rate much faster than anything seen before. In the past, records were created, printed, and filed away unless they were needed for reference purposes in the future.

5 Things to Consider When Reviewing BYOD Policies

Smartphone, tablet, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) use has skyrocketed in such a way that mobile technology has allowed for employees to report to work from any location through the use of their own electronic devices. While this has, undoubtedly, increased productivity and overall job satisfaction, it does raise concerns in regards to data protection and security, employee privacy, theft or loss, non-exempt employee usage, and employer liability for employee misconduct.

Why are these fraud web sites allowed to operate, and not simply taken down?

KrebsonSecurity, a website devoted to security news, recently posted a blog answering one of the most asked questions regarding cybercrime and fraudulent websites: “why are these fraud web sites allowed to operate, and not simply taken down?”

Find out the answer at: http://krebsonsecurity.

Law firms say agility is key to retention and recruitment

According to Legal IT Insider, a leading media and information technology communications channel since 1995, law firm leaders claim that agility is key in attracting and keeping talent as well as supporting the increased demand of a better work-life balance within the workforce.

The next generation in consumer protection

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent government agency, has begun hiring and increasing its staff in an effort to investigate how technology advancements affect consumers. On March 23rd, the chief of the Bureau of Consumer Protection published the following in an FTC blog post, “Today, I am pleased to announce the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s newest initiative to help ensure that consumers enjoy the benefits of technological progress without being placed at risk of deceptive and unfair practices – the formation of BCP’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation.

Lenovo’s Superfish fallout: Can we forgive and forget?

Superfish, a visual search application that was pre-loaded onto several Lenovo PC’s, has been confirmed to be an adware program that breaks both system and HTTPS security. The Superfish program was designed to insert advertisements into browser sessions, however it’s been determined that it also installs its own root certificates into a user’s operating system.

Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware

In 2013, an ATM in Kiev began dispensing cash at arbitrary times of the day, as large piles of money were picked up by customers that happened to be in the right place at the right time. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian security firm that’s the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions, has dubbed an Eastern European cybercrime group the “Carbanak Gang” after being called to the Ukraine to investigate the situation.

FBI: Businesses Lost $215M to Email Scams

A recent post in Krebs on Security discusses an alert posted from the FBI, noting that cyber thieves have stolen nearly $215 million from business over the last 14 months alone from scams that start when email accounts are hijacked via email scams. This con, called “business email compromise,” is both a sophisticated and increasingly common scam that targets businesses working with foreign suppliers and those that engage in regular wire transfers.

Obama to focus on cybersecurity ahead of annual speech

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address is scheduled for January 20th, however, according to CNBC he’s already begun promoting some of his new initiatives in an effort to help generate a level of fervor for his next to last year of presidency.