Equipment Lifecycles: Protection or Extortion?

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Sometimes it is difficult to determine where the line is between being state of the art, status quo, and when you are moving on from perfectly good equipment. Keeping your infrastructure secure should be top priority, so how do you navigate the constantly updated versions of your business hardware, software, and other critical equipment?

Data Protection for Healthcare – Avoiding the Million Dollar Laptop

HIPAA Compliance and the Total Cost of Ownership

Healthcare is subject to some stringent regulations when it comes to data security. Between outside threats such as hacking or inside threats (be them malicious or human error), protecting personal health information is a difficult job that must be given the utmost attention.

4 Things to Consider When Budgeting for Backups

Finding Your Storage Sweet Spot

Data is king. Backups have become a security blanket, an insurance policy, a way of life, and a line in your budget that just confuses. No matter your industry, the compiling of information, and the need for access is only growing.

Windows 7 EOL: An argument with teeth

No Pain. So what do I gain by migrating?

Not migrating to Windows 10 can be an easy argument to make. Your systems are running smoothly and your technical issues are minimal. Why rock the boat?

I hear you. You've done your due diligence and determined that, in addition to purchasing new licenses for Windows 10, you will also need to upgrade some of your older hardware and software to accommodate the migration.

Windows 7 EOL: Framing the Argument to Migrate

How Staying on Windows 7 could lead to a World of ‘Pane’

Windows 7 End Of Life (EOL) is on the calendar for January 14, 2020. If you are still using this operating system and are not preparing for this event you need to keep reading.

If someone told you that if you parked in a certain spot your car would be hit, would you still park there?

Misconceptions of Outsourced IT- Navigating the 7 C’s

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”- FDR

Why do companies hold out from Outsourcing IT?

People are often scared of that which they do not know. With the internet at our fingertips, information is readily available on every topic imaginable.

Email Security is nothing to be ‘Koi’ about

What is a phishing attack and how can I spot one?

In sport fishing, an incentive (bait) is used to confuse or trick a fish into catching itself on your hook. In the email security world, there is an equivalent process, cleverly named “phishing.

Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Sandy?

Can you believe that it has been five years? Sunday October 29th marked the anniversary of the New Jersey landfall of Superstorm Sandy. This was such a turbulent time for the region, the state, and for small businesses. The losses were incredible and unimaginable.