The next generation in consumer protection

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent government agency, has begun hiring and increasing its staff in an effort to investigate how technology advancements affect consumers. On March 23rd, the chief of the Bureau of Consumer Protection published the following in an FTC blog post, “Today, I am pleased to announce the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s newest initiative to help ensure that consumers enjoy the benefits of technological progress without being placed at risk of deceptive and unfair practices – the formation of BCP’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation.

Lenovo’s Superfish fallout: Can we forgive and forget?

Superfish, a visual search application that was pre-loaded onto several Lenovo PC’s, has been confirmed to be an adware program that breaks both system and HTTPS security. The Superfish program was designed to insert advertisements into browser sessions, however it’s been determined that it also installs its own root certificates into a user’s operating system.